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Celebrating Women in Gender Stereotype Roles (Ezinne Okafor, the Automobile Dealer)

Hi, I am Ezinne Okafor

(Every Day Girl Autos)

I’m a Dealer in all kinds of automobiles.

I play in a Gender-Stereotyped Space

How long have you been in this profession?
One year plus
I must say that your line of work is unique, sane anddifferent, why did you specialize in sales of cars?

Passion..I’ve always loved cars even as a little girl. I also discovered that there is profit in the business. 

What were your parents stand on this chosen profession of yours?

My dad was actually very supportive..he gave me my firstclient.

What are the main challenges you have faced?

The Business can be quite frustrating..a lot of inconsistenciesand insincerity..There’s also instances where your malecounterparts try to intimidate you during negotiations andwhen it comes to giving you your due as a lady

There’s also the part where the male counterparts makeirresponsible and unrestricted advances at you.

The business is tasking but it’s all worth it..

What are the top three things anyone aspiring to come into to this space needs to know before starting?

A) be ready for disappointments and frustrations but that‘s justlike every other business I suppose.


B)You need to define who you are ab initio and be verydefinite about what you want in the business. It will help youmake appropriate decisions.


C) never cower before bullies…Hold your head up high andstand firm in the midst of any intimidation. 

You could give us some sneak peep into your personal daily rules in your profession?

Three  rules; A) Regardless of how hard I work, I never forgetthat it’s not by my power

B) I always look for avenues to get wisdom daily, which inturn,helps me navigate through the business of car dealership. 


C) I try everyday to become an expert in automobile bysubmitting to any form of knowledge that can help mebecome an authority in this field..

Who is your role model?
Rene 5star.
Do you wish other women to take up roles as yours?

Of course..we are still in the minorit, it would be beautiful tosee other ladies get on board..


What do you have to say to other women?
All I have to say is that there’s no discrimination againstcompetence.





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