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Celebrating Women in Gender Stereotype Roles (Silver Akhidimen, the Barber)

Hi, I am Silver Akhidimen,

I am a Barber

I play in a Gender-Stereotyped Space

How safe do you feel in this male dominated space?

I feel very safe and comfortable

What was the ultimate drive towards this profession and what has been the motivation all along?

The ultimate drive is making a difference and the motivation is the passion I have for it.

What were your loved-one’s stand on this chosen profession of yours?

At first, I was condemned and stopped but along the line they saw my passion for it and that started believing in me.

What are the main challenges you have faced as a woman in this profession?

Men trying to hit on me order than patronizing the job.

What are the benefits you gain as a woman in this profession?

As a woman in the industry, I always stand out and but a WOW in people’s faces.

Was there any point you almost gave up?


If yes, what kept you going?

What keeps me going is my passion and my future aim I have ahead of me.

I must say that your cuts and style are very sane and different, why did you specialize in barbing?

I specialized in barbing because I love to be in male dominated industry, and I can easily express myself.

What are the top three things women aspiring to come into to this space needs to know before starting?




Could give us some sneak peep into your personal daily rules in your profession?

Know how to relate with your client

Have a lot of patience and tolerance 

Care for them.

Make sure they smile before they leave.

Who is your role model?

Clipper queen



Do you wish other women take up roles as yours? Why?


It makes them more independent.

What do you have to say to other women?

Make sure you have something meaningful doing and be good at it and be independent.

What are your social media handles?

Ig: @silver_cutz


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