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I Voted campaign 2019

Truss Empowerment Foundation hosted an online and offline campaign tagged ‘ivoted’ (with the hashtag #trendytovote) before and during Nigeria’s 2019 general elections  (February 23rd and March 9th 2019)

It was an offshoot of our ‘Women in Politics’ tweet-chat discussion from our online launch on November 22nd 2019

The aim was to increase political participation among young people in Nigeria especially among women.

The campaign was in two phases:

  1. Online engagement towards the elections (admonishing youth above 18 to register to vote, registered voters to collect their PVC, and those with their PVCs to ensure they vote).
  2. Offline interaction during the elections (distribution of ‘iVoted’ stickers across polling units in 3 states; Ondo, Ogun and Lagos).

The online engagements where awareness posts made across Truss Empowerment Foundation’s social media accounts (@Trussfdn)

Many young people joined in the ‘I Voted’ campaign and proudly pasted the I voted stickers in solidarity after they casted their votes.

Residents of Akure, Lagos and Ifo local government area of Ogun state identified with Truss Empowerment Foundation’s ‘I voted campaign’ by sticking ivoted stickers after casting their vote.

Trussfdn is spreading the gospel of political participation all over Nigeria. Showing people that it is now trendy to vote and that exercising ones franchise is one civic responsibility not to be taken lightly as a citizen of a country.

We at Truss Empowerment Foundation believe everyone must take active part in the selection process of our leaders at all levels.

We must always Show up and make our voices heard.

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