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#InspiredByaShero Contest in Partnership with Lagos Women Run

With the marathon, Lagos Women Run is mainstreaming the narrative that being a woman is not a limit to how far you can go in life or what you can do or not. Hence we decided to partner with them to further drive the narrative that women are not limited to any field or activity.

During the #inspiredbyashero contest, we called for people in our community and other interested young women to put up a post about a woman who inspires them and how she inspires them on their social media page.

To stand a higher chance of being shortlisted, they needed to tag their friends to join the movement and if possible even get them to also participate to showcase the strong force of women coming together. It was amazing to see the dimensions participants explored with their entries.

Quite a number of the entries posted were not so much about public figures but everyday women living their lives in the best way they know how and inspiring people in the process! We had people write about their mothers, sisters, even peers and state how they have inspired them in concrete ways.

After the contest deadline, we shortlisted 10 entries based on those who followed the rules of the contest and the creativity of their entry. Then the real work began, they had to get as many people as possible to like their entries. And, what a good job of networking and evangelism some participants displayed at this stage. Based on those who engaged ethically to drive action on their posts, we then picked our 3 winners, Tomilola Shokunbi, Angela Ogbona and Bofamene Joseph.

We also had consolation prizes to reward people who couldn’t make it to the final 3 but put in commendable effort. All the winners were awarded at the closing ceremony of the Lagos Women Run event.

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