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Truss Empowerment Foundation strives to develop programs that improves the quality of life and living for women by investing knowledge in women by creating social networks and opportunities for sustainability


Training and Seminars

360° Business Support

Work-life Transitions Support

Hangout, Networking and Fun Activities

Component of Our Services

The components of some of the services above are:

Organizational training on gender mainstreaming and gender inclusiveness for work-life policies.

Periodic women empowerment workshops.

Sensitization activities and seminar on women related issues.

Life skill training.

Vocational training and entrepreneurial development.

Business strategy development

Educational consults.

Employment opportunities.

Grant giving and business support organizations.

Truss tribe

Community hangouts

Moms hangout

End of the year party

Mentor pairing/grouping

Career development.

Internship Opportunities

It's free. The only cost is your commitment.

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