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Our Second Entrepreneurship Project in Partnership with Courage Designs & Events

After our first pilot project in Tarkwa Bay community and a follow up visit during our anniversary, we realized some of the women in the community were very passionate about learning event planning and decoration. While we sat with them to understand what makes them tick, we noticed that about 3 of the women were more interested in not only learning but had lofty dreams to do amazing work whilst making a living in that field. At the same time, we had external requests from people also wanting to learn. So, we took a step back and asked ourselves how to make it happen for these women to do what they love.

Well, luck was on our side as we had someone within our network, Mrs. Deola Falomo, who runs a mid-sized event decoration & planning outfit, Courage Events & Designs. We reached out to her about partnering to bring free training to the women of Tarkwa Bay community who were interested and other women within our network as well. And she was excited to partner with us to organize a 1 week free practical training.

From day 1, the participants showed so much enthusiasm with one of the women from Tarkwa Bay, Mrs.Esther Sossou being extremely punctual and reaching out to other participants who weren’t around when classes were about to kick off. It was so encouraging to see their commitment, especially for the Tarkwa Bay women who had to take both jetty and buses to arrive at the venue. In fact, one of the women from the Tarkwa Bay community was a nursing mother with her baby being just a few months old, yet she was consistent throughout the training duration.

It was a very engaging class of 15 participants that included both beginners and people with basic knowledge. In all, participants were excited to learn from accomplished expert with Mrs. Deola Falomo being the lead instructor. At the end of the training, participants were given starter kits and about 5 participants were also rewarded with business name registration, business cards and additional tools for being outstanding.

One of the participants who sat in on the training as well, Cynthia Wontumi, came all the way from Ghana and has been undergoing an industrial attachment with Courage Designs & Events for about 6 months. It was really inspiring to see women go all out for what they want, display so much tenacity and grit in the face of challenges. Even though we are working on building a community for the women we work with and other interested women called the TrussTribe, we were taken quite aback when one of the participants reached out to us that she would love it if we could create a WhatsApp group for the participants. Of course, we introduced the TrussTribe to them and all the participants joined the tribe.

Going forward, we are definitely going to be developing a stronger partnership with Courage Designs & Events to make future batches bigger and help the women to scale on a larger note.

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