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Azukaego Chukwuelue

Azukaego Chukwuelue


Azukaego Chukwuelue is a well-rounded senior executive and business leader with expertise in Supply Chain Management, Sales & Marketing She has a rich professional experience of about two decades in the FMCG space.

Her penchant for excellence and commitment to professionalism has won her various awards including Leadership Imperative Award for Ownership and Accountability and AMEA Recognition for supportive team among others.

Azukaego earned her Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry from the University of Ibadan and an Executive MBAs in General Management from Lagos Business and Nanyang Business School, Singapore.

She is the founder of Truss foundation, a Non-Governmental organization that provides support for women and girls, inspiring them to realize their full potential. She is a unique personality who masterfully combines work and play. Born with a prodigy’s intuitive nature for continuous improvement & management, Azukaego laces all her endeavor with a touch of excellence. Her motto is to leave people, places and things better than she meets them

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