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Tarkwa bay skills acquisition and entrepreneurship for sustainability

On 11th April 2019, Truss Empowerment Foundation hosted her first stand alone skills training project at Tarkwa Bay Island (An island located at western Marina, accessible only by water)

The program was put together to by Truss Empowerment Foundation to fulfill one of her core functions called 360 degrees business support which features skill training and entrepreneurial development for sustainability.

The program is designed to assist women start their businesses to become established and profitable, we believe that skill acquisition alone isn’t enough but women need to be taught how to do business especially in a challenging business environment such as Nigeria.

We in addition to skills, teach them how to put structure in their business, simple book keeping, building credibility, telling their stories in an engaging manner for business continuity, in order to shortens the learning curve and Fastrack their troubleshooting and speed to market via innovation and access to the network of entrepreneurs.

In this project, liquid soap making was the skill taught, all beneficiaries also got startup kits.

A total of 30 women were beneficiaries of the program.

FEEDBACK FROM SOME of the project beneficiaries

This program of soap making good well well, now I don sabi make soap and I also learn how I go take do business. Thank you, Truss Empowerment Foundation. _ Toyin


I am preparing to go to the university next year, now I have a skill of soap making to do as business thanks to TrussFDN, I am grateful. _Nattie

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