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Truss Empowerment Foundation facilitates an Introduction to Yoga class for Hellen Keller International.

On Feb 21st, 2018, Truss empowerment foundation’s team was live at Dover Hotel, Ikeja to facilitate a paper at Hellen Keller International program on active play, the paper presented was titled Teaching Physical Health Education to Children in a Fun Approach “Introduction to Yoga”

In her presentation, the Director of the foundation Mrs. Azukaego Chukwuelue highlighted that the pace of technological change and rate of information flow in this generation is increasing and children’s attention spans are shrinking. The rapid emergence of technological advancement as well as social unrest necessitate that we rethink HOW CHILDREN LEARN.

She further stated that Regular physical education classes have been known to prepare kids to be physically and mentally active, fit, and healthy into adulthood, unknown to many the benefits of physical education are numerous than just being fit.

She introduced Yoga to the participants which comprises of school administrators, educators and stakeholder in the educational sector, she explained that Yoga is a physical activity that has numerous benefits, some of which directly improves life skills.

Like gaining self -awareness and confidence, building inner strength, resilience, promoting self-love and self-respect, increasing flexibility and strength, equipping with skills to helps them develop emotional regulation. Etc.

Truss Empowerment Foundation also arranged a ‘live yoga show’ of what yoga looks like and encourage the participants to take part in the activity. They were able to see how Yoga instills the importance of self-reflection, offers the opportunity to relax and just be.

Time for one’s self is often not given value, but it is crucial to healthy development.

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