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What To Do When Suicide Seems To Live In Your Life?

Of recent, I read a post on social media where a lady shared how members of her family almost unknowingly pushed her to commit suicide. She had accidentally damaged a replaceable household item and was being berated by members of her family. She simply couldn’t understand why a remediable mistake was a big issue. She must have been thinking, ‘If my own people could be labour something so small, what will the world do?’

And in that moment, it just sort of felt right to end it. Usually, we tend to think that thoughts of suicide comes when people are facing too many challenges or have seeming insurmountable problems. However, quite a number of people sometimes think of suicide even when everything is going on well in their life. I met a lady who said she couldn’t figure out why she wanted to end her life but she was just tired of living and felt suicide would be a good option.

In her words, “I had a good job that I actually loved doing with a reasonable pay, I was in a loving relationship and my family members were very supportive of whatever dreams I wanted to pursue no matter the terrains. Yet, I was just tired of the whole life.” Fortunately, she somehow got through that phase without committing suicide. Looking back in retrospect, we realized that what was really wrong was some sort of discontent.

In the midst of earning well, having love, her mind was still at a loss trying to fathom the essence of having a relatively good life when the whole world seems to be overflowing with problems. The good life looked like a drop in the ocean with all the evil and problems rife in the world.

Last week was World Suicide Prevention Day and quite frankly, I believe everyday is a good day to talk about suicide and how suicidal thoughts can be managed. Essentially, achieving balance in your life as a woman across all spheres of your life, ensuring that you are happy, fulfilled in the sort of work you do, is at the core of ensuring a stable mental health. It is extremely important to find balance in your life as a woman.

Sometimes, you may need to sit down, ask the hard questions and truthfully find answers. What am I doing? Do I really enjoy what I am doing? So, let’s hear your views… What do you do when life gets so overwhelming? How have you been achieving balance in your life as a woman? What do you do when you are dissatisfied with your life? How do you find congruence in your routine job and enjoying everyday living? Share with us in the comment section!

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